PLEASE NOTE – THIS WEBSITE IS NO LONGER CURRENT!  PLEASE VISIT US HERE:  www.mnhomeopathicassociation.org – we will allow this site to remain up for some time, so all that are familiar with this site have an avenue to still reach our amazing organization!

HP.Homeopathy.V2What is Homeopathy?
A gentle, holistic healing system.    Learn more about homeopathy >
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HP.ResearchResearch in support of the effectiveness of homeopathy
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HP.NAH Logo PicFour Year Classical Homeopathy Program
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MHA Grand Rounds MHA Hosts several educational sessions for homeopaths during the year.  See Calendar of Grand Rounds to register to attend.  Audios of past events can be purchased through the MHA Store MHA Trifold Display image xsmlHomeopathy Tri-fold
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The Minnesota Homeopathic Association (MHA) is a regional Homeopathic Association with members from throughout the Midwest.  We are dedicated to the promotion of homeopathy as a safe and effective health care choice. It seeks to protect the public interest by upholding high standards of care by its member practitioners. MHA is committed to serving and supporting professional homeopaths in Minnesota and the Midwest. Learn more about MHA >

As a non-profit association, MHA welcomes donations from our community. Donate to MHA>

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