MHA Endorsement Policy


AIM of MHA endorsement

To promote educational topics/events that supports the mission of MHA.


  1. To support organizations, events, education that help classical homeopaths in the practice of homeopathy.
  2. The endorsement may relate but is not limited to the activities, conferences, meetings, training events and programs or published material.
  3. The endorsement can be for profit or for non-profit entities.
  4. The event must meet the mission of MHA.
  5. The MHA endorsement is for a single event.
  6. MHA Board members will evaluate and vote on each request.
  7. The request for an endorsement must be at least 6 months before an event.
  8. The approval process may take 4-8 weeks.
  9. The requesting organization must submit an outline and credentials of the presenter to the Education Coordinator.
  10. Evaluation results of previous seminars are preferred.
  11. An evaluation by participants is required after the event and will be required to renew an endorsement.
  12. The requesting organization will submit a letter of request for endorsement and how they intend to use the MHA endorsement.
  13. The final approval with any restrictions will be sent to the requesting person by the MHA executive director.
  14. Requester agrees to have MHA literature available at the event.
  15. Requester is a MHA member at the $100 level.
  16. Requester is liable for any/all costs for the event.
  17. Requester will carry insurance for the event.
  18. Requester is liable for all claims resulting from the event.
  19. MHA members will get a discount for the event.
  20. The event will be published in the MHA newsletter after it has been approved by the board.
  21. The organization can use the MHA logo with the following statement after they have been approved. “The Minnesota Homeopathic Association has endorsed _____________________________ as education that meets the Association’s mission for Classical Homeopaths in the State of Minnesota.”

NOTE: The Board revises endorsement policy as is necessary. 2012

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